Leap of Imagination- online viewing room


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Leap of Imagination- online viewing room
Dec 30, 2021 – Jan 24, 2022

Litvak Contemporary is pleased to present Leap of Imagination, an online viewing room featuring the works of the Vienna-based artist Michele Bubacco.

"Seeing is always determined by thoughts and connections. Seeing is not a passive act but a creative one."(Michele Bubacco)
Michele Bubacco (b. 1983) is an artist based in Austria and Italy. The works on display begin with found footage the artist collects, some from vintage record covers, some from images taken on his cell-phone camera. The photographs are mostly figurative and echo different styles aesthetic approach. Using these images as a starting point, the artist saves some fragment which redirect him to an imaginative improvisation painting, still figurative, but throwing off the balance to new improbable associations and meanings. The approach of over-painting brings him closer to the psychological phenomenon that occurs when perceiving a vague image which may be reinterpreted by each viewer. The difference between the photography and the final painting is remarkable. Through his intervention, Bubacco combines a variety of images from very different epochs of daily life, styles, and geographical origins, creating an unexpected form of continuity, an odd allegory of the human condition. This is a spotlight on Michele Bubacco currently participating in the exhibition Bloodline: The Artist’s Family.