Michele Bubacco




Italian, b. 1983

Michele Bubacco's artistic journey is a continuous exploration. He often initiates his work with discovered photographic material, drawing from various sources like album covers, phone snapshots, and historical imagery. Through expressive painting with layers of colors, he brings to life animals, mythological creatures, landscapes, and everyday objects, weaving in a subtext of tension that prompts contemplation about hidden narratives, and the evolution of an image. The original image merely acts as a point of departure, leading viewers on a visual quest that challenges human perception. Each piece undergoes a transformation, frequently adopting unexpected qualities distinct from the initial concept.

Growing up in Venice, Bubacco finds inspiration in the great Venetian masters, especially Titian, who also employed a transformative and ongoing metamorphic approach to painting materials.

Bubacco's lives and works between Venice and Vienna, thus his work is influenced by art scenes in both cities. He has showcased in both solo and group exhibitions at prominent venues, including the Chemnitz Museum of Art in Germany, Stadgalerie Kiel Museum of Art in Germany, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, Louis B James Gallery in New York City, and David Richard Gallery in Santa Fe. In 2022, he was elected for a residency program in the Cite, Paris. His exhibitions have received recognition in publications like The Modern Painters, ArtInfo, Document Journal, and have been reviewed by Kathy Battista, Director of Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, as well as in the Kurier, Austria.

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