Nathaniel Mary Quinn


Quinn’s vivid, large-scale paper works are an assemblage of facial features which can be read as abstract-figurative works. The pieces deal with the complex construction of identity, inevitably influenced by past memories and present experiences, but executed in the moment.
“My work arrives somewhere between abstraction and figuration; the cuts and breaks in the image seem to have an independent life within each work. Not simply the happenstance of a meeting place, the gap or break is a type of functional geometry, opening up spaces within and between imagery. My work is the result of a highly instinctual and visceral activity, without the guidance of a plan.”
The artist’s personal history has a tremendous influence on his work. Reflecting on his difficult upbringing and the challenges he faced in his young life losing his mother at a very young age and later being abandoned by his father and brothers every work is a conscious Endeavour to free his mind from excessive introspection. Quinn aims to explore his own human identity and life experiences, which have formed and continue to shape his character.