Exhibited artists


Litvak Contemporary is proud to announce its participation in Volta NY Art Fair 2019, featuring photographer Boaz Aharonovitch and painter Dana Pakman.

Aharonovich’s work utilizes satellite imagery and other photographs taken via advanced space research technologies. These images capture the Supernova phenomena – the explosion and collapse of stars. Aharonovich takes images from the explosions and merges them, adding and subtracting data, into one image that contains all layers of time.
Pakman’s new body of work depicts classical sculptures in an impossible moment of explosions. Painted on wood, Pakman builds up layers of paint over months, capturing the volume of sculpture while also creating moments of painterly abstraction.

Both artists use different mediums to control and shape time. Capturing an imaginary, yet precise, moment in each of Pakman’s paintings while Aharonovich simultaneously represents multiple moments of time in each photograph. Both artists attempt to step out of Chronos, known as linear time, and to live in Kairos, the proper or opportune time for action.