June 12, 2017 - June 17, 2017

VOLTA13 2017 Booth D10

12 June –17 June, 2017

Litvak Contemporary is pleased to announce their participation in Volta Basel 2017, featuring works by Israeli artists Elad Kopler and Amir Tomashov. The presentation is titled Eris.

Eris, evokes the Greek goddess of discord, chaos, and strife. Both Kopler and Tomashov are led by feelings of existential anxiety and a preoccupation with the tension between figurative imagery and its deconstruction, their architectural backgrounds has inspired them to each produce very different end products.  What may appear at first glance chaotic and destructive in their work is reassembled to create a new perspectives that challenge our assumptions of space but also communicate the underlying anxiety and emotions we experience in the modern world.

Kopler starts his process with a certain urban image or landscape, which he then dismantles into fragmented abstraction. Blurring the border between shapes and patches of color and sabotaging proper perspective by amalgamating two seemingly estranged landscapes, Kopler uses his canvas to celebrate all that is “wrong” in figurative painting. In an effort to obliviate all coherency from a two-dimensional space, the artist finds sublime beauty unbounded by the rules of nature or society.

Conversely, Tomashov’s precise drawings utilize the building tools of an architect and focuses on the surrealist, yet figurative, work of art. Conveying the urban anatomy of the metropolis and the beauty of destruction, Tomashov uses everyday materials to create fictional scenes. In his end result, he offers a symbolic and instant comparison between the process of building and destruction.


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